• BSL-2 Labs Handing Over Ceremony, Islamabad


  • COVID-19 training

    February 2020

  • DHIS-2 Meeting Punjab

    December 2019

  • Meeting, Egypt

    November 2019

  • Endorsement of HLMIS Punjab and Sindh

    January 2020

  • Meeting of multi-sectoral national and inter-nation partners

    February 2020

  • Meeting of USAID IPs

    February 2020

  • Meeting with Health Minister KP

    December 2019

  • Meeting with MoS MoNHSRC

    October 2019

  • Meeting with NUMS

    February 2020

  • Meeting with UNICEF OPM KP

    November 2019

  • Meeting

    January 2019

  • PPW Training on LMIS use

    November 2019

About Dr. Muhammad Tariq

Dr. Muhammad Tariq is the current country director for GHSC-PSM in Pakistan, managing a portfolio of $52 million of USAID assistance under supply chains systems and COVID ARPA cooperations with the Government of Pakistan. Tariq has demonstrated and successful experience for public policy, health sciences implementation, supply chain, national and global health security, digital health, and data analytics. Tariq’s voluntary services began by addressing the health of people and communities of Southern districts of Punjab province including nomadic concentrations in the Chulistan desert. He transformed supply chain public policy and produced impact for sustainable development, significant health financing, and a number of health system strengthening improvements since 1987. He has been an affiliate faculty at the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR); International Health Program, Daniel J Evans School of Public Affairs, Health Services Academy and earned a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Washington with concentration in Global Health. Tariq has been the key support for initiating and successfully executing Family Health International (FHI), Population Services International (PSI) and John Snow, Inc. He has been managing diverse funding sources from USAID, DfID, World Bank, GFATM, Gates Foundation, SIDA, and Public Sector Development Programs.

Tariq, provided technical assistance to African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries for more than nineteen years related to Health Systems, FP, HIV/AIDS, TB, EPI, Pandemics, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Public Private Partnership, and institutionalization of Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) within public sector service delivery systems.

As the lead proposal writer, Tariq led mobilization of $43 million from GFATM R9 HIV/AIDS; $132m for contraceptive product and transportation financing; and more than $180 million leveraged towards public health supply chains, health commodities, warehouse rehabilitation, procurement and workforce capacity development, transportation, supply chain M&E and LMIS to make health products available thus saving lives of women, children and men.

With USAID, UNICEF, BMGF, WHO, Gavi Alliance support to the Government of Pakistan; Tariq and his team at the GHSC-PSM Program are leading and establishing models of supply chain systems strengthening for the national and global health security. FP, EPI, MNCH, and Basic Health Services.