• Islamabad, Pakistan
  • mtariq@chemonics.com

Current Position

Part of USG largest IDIQC global contract worth $10.4 billion managing Global Health Supply Chain –Procurement and Supply Management Program. Tariq is providing strategic technical, financial, and administrative leadership to multiple projects worth$26m until 2022 for the integrated supply chain systems strengthening essentially using technology solutions across healthcare systems from primary to tertiary systems to ensure socially just health equity-to people and communities. He especially liaises with USAID, WHO, Gavi Alliance, UNICEF, 4GatesFoundation, Pakistani federal and provincial governments, and private/commercial entities. His passion entails bridging public policy to supply chains to ultimately benefit people and communities to access essential and lifesaving drugs from healthcare systems. Design, development, standardization and implementation of supply chain policy, national and provincial strategies,information systems, track and trace systems, data analytics,and intelligence for realtime decisions making dashboards, empowering academia with supply chain systems’ knowledge towards preparing future human resources are some of the themes he is carrying out.