• Islamabad, Pakistan
  • mtariq@chemonics.com

Medical Student and President of Humanity Services Society, Bahawalpur

Tariq has a lean for voluntary services, therefore, while he was studying medicine and surgery at the medical school joined the Humanity Services Society (HSS). The society was led by Professor of Surgery and managed by a team of ~45 male and female students. He led medical school’s patient welfare society to offer health services to the populations of Punjab including nomadic communities of Chulistan desert. Mobilized resources in kind (health commodities) and charities for the deserving people. Led a team of fortyfive college students and coordinated with Professors and Registrars of the Bahawal Victoria Hospital for connecting health services to the people and communities. He established the opportunity and firsthand experience for students and clinicians of the medical school to serve people and communities in the desert.