• Islamabad, Pakistan
  • mtariq@chemonics.com

Freelance Consultant

Led as consultant the development of National HSS, HIV/AIDS and TB Round 9 country proposals under GFATM-GOP co-financing and mobilized US$200 million for Pakistan. Tariq also provided technical assistance on M&E, institutional assessment and capacity development to a number of international agencies, governments and NGOs. He worked on Mali Development Forum and developed its proposal for health system strengthening for TGF. He has been M&E consultant for Ethiopia and Mozambique for integrating HIV prevention care and treatment with Primary Health Care. He also has made recommendations on integrating HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health and family planning with the public health service delivery system in resource poor settings. Tariq has demonstrated experience of resource development and helped building diverse donor base for relative sustainability to organizations. As Technical Advisor to National TB Control Program, MoH, Tariq institutionalized Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) within National and Provincial TB Control Programs and developed National Strategy, National M&E Framework, National Quality Assurance Guidelines and National Logistics and Management Information System as well as HR development and management across Pakistan.

From/To Employer  Positions held
2009/2009 TSF, IPPF, Malaysia  ■ Consultant – GFATM R9 HIV proposal
2009/2009 NTP, Ministry of Health, Pakistan ■ Consultant – GFATM R 9 TB proposal
2009/2009 HLSP, London ■ Consultant – GAVI Evaluation, Pakistan
2008/2009 HLSP, London  ■ Consultant – GFATM R9 HSS proposal
2008 WHO/EMRO & NTP ■ Consultant – Ministry of Health, Morocco
2008 WHO/EMRO & NTP ■ Consultant – Ministry of Health, Egypt
2008 NACP & UNFPA ■ Consultant, Pakistan
2007 NTP, Ministry of Health ■ Technical Advisor ACSM, HSS and PPM
2008 National AIDS Control Programme/UNFPA ■ Consultant, Pakistan 
2008 Midas Communications/NACP ■ Consultant, Pakistan
2007/2008 Options UK, DFID ■ Consultant – NHF, TAMA assessment study
Nov. 2007 UNODC ■ Consultant, Pakistan
Nov.-Dec. 2007 Academy for Educational Development ■ Consultant, Pakistan
Apr.-July 2007 University of Washington, I-TECH ■ Consultant, Ethiopia, Mozambique
August 2007 University of Washington, Women Resource
Jun./Jul 2006 BHP Billiton