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Research Articles

Sr No. Article Name
1 Hepatitis C prevalence and elimination planning in Pakistan JVH Feb 2023 See Article
2 Verbalising importance of supply chain management in access to health services Open Access See Article
3 Leveraging technology and supply chain to improve family planning logistics in Pakistan See Article
4 Pakistan, Gavi Alliance and WHO help standardize DLI4-vLMIS across country See Article
5 June 2017 Release of the Pakistan Logistics Management Information System goes Live Today See Article
6 Contextualization of Integrated FP Commodity Security in the public and private sectors to reach FP2020 Situation, gaps and sustainability for the FP supply chain and service providers See Article
7 CEWG FP Supply Chain Situation Pakistan 30 Sep 2016 See Article
8 Pakistan FP Supply Chain Situation See Article
9 Improving Pakistan’s Vaccine Supply Chain for Better Health Outcomes See Article
10 Building workforce capacity to operate a web-based logistics management information system (LMIS) in Pakistan See Article
11 In Pakistan, evidence-based modeling suggests improved maternal and child health through increased access to family planning commodities See Article
12 National ACSM Strategy and Operational Guidelines, Pakistan See Article
13 National M&E Framework for Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization for Tuberculosis See Article
14 National Logistics Management Information System (ACSM) Manual See Article