Pakistan LMIS Chatbot: In times of COVID when we all are in making of the history.., there is so much learning ahead and it seems more than striking “disruption” a combination of bioscientific NEW knowledge and technology that balancedly create opportunities between human beings and machines will be the answer to human survival…., nothing impossible as we say at Chemonics, we will reach there and together….. Recently we have introduced Chatbot technology for Pakistan LMIS, it is a computer program that simulates human conversation and respond to end user queries using Artificial Intelligence (AI). For better performance this another supply chain edge is to help end users get response to their queries instantly 24/7, and 365 days round the year. On the basis of past queries recorded in JIRA Ticketing System, we have populated the Chatbot database and shall keep updating its database and with more maturity to respond future questions and needs. Pakistan LMIS Chatbot icon is provided at the login page of LMIS for global access and end user simply clicks on the icon and starting chatting with LMIS Chatbot. LMIS Chatbot is also directly accessible by using the link #usaid #pakistan #chemonics #machinelearning #chatbot #psm